Stretch Sofa Cover, Sofa Slipcover Elastic Fabric Minimalism Style Chair Loveseat Couch Settee

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  • Made of high-quality polyester-spandex fabric which can protect your couch perfectly.
  • With the non-slip elastic bottom, straps at the bottom corner, foam sticks for tucking to ensure the sofa cover stays tight.
  • Our slipcovers are designed and ready-made to fit a variety of sofa sizes, please check the sofa size before purchasing.
  • It not only protects your sofa from daily wear and tears, scratches, cookie crumbs, accidental spills, pet hair, but it also transforms an old, worn-out sofa into a new-looking one.


1-Seater Sofa (Armchair): 80-120cm

2-Seater Sofa (Loveseat): 135 - 170 cm

3-Seater Sofa (Sofa): 175 - 220 cm

4-Seater Sofa (Sofa): 225-290cm