Travel Organiser Packing Bags 8 Pcs Packing Cubes for Suitcase

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Streamline Your Travel with All-in-One Packing:

This 8-piece packing set offers a one-stop travel packing solution for travelers, including packing cubes, toiletry bags, underwear organizers, a shoe bag, a laundry bag, and a flat bag for small accessories.


The set includes:

3 packing cubes with see-through mesh tops:

XL: 15.7x11.8x4.7 inches (42x32x12 cm)

L: 12.9x11.4x4.7 inches (34x28x12 cm)

M: 11.8x8.6x4.7 inches (32x23x12 cm)

 1 bra and underwear packing cube: 11.8x8.6x4.7 inches (32x23x12cm)

1 double-layer toiletry bag: 8.6x6.6x3.1 inches (22x17x8cm)

1 fashionable shoe bag: 11.4x7.8x4.7 inches (29x20x12cm)

1 drawstring laundry bag for dirty clothes: 13.7x10.6 inches (36x27cm)

1 flat bag for socks or small items like keys, cards, phone, and cables: 9.8x6.2 inches (27x16cm)